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SO much here from the excellent Sam West – including: power of arts, funding, gender, social disparity, social media, Greek tragedy and Alzheimer’s – and all easy to take in…

Samuel West: ‘There’s plenty of money for the arts. It’s just that too much of it is in the Cayman Islands’ | Stage | The Guardian

Sam West - Photograph: Mark Passmore/ Apex

Sam West [Photograph: Mark Passmore/ Apex]

21@21: The Result!

Discover Fine Acting:

Exciting news – can’t wait to find out more!

Originally posted on Discover 21:

Thank you to everyone who applied for 21@21! We received an amazing array of applications from artists in all sorts of disciplines, and they were a delight to read. Thank you for being among the first people to be considered.

The project we have selected for the inaugural 21@21 residency is Frictions.

If you are the artists who applied with this project, please email – we can’t wait to hear from you!

We would also like to hear from the people who applied with Rome and Waiting for Mary, as we were extremely impressed with your applications and would like to have a chat about whether there is any support we can offer you. Please contact Jen on the email address above.

Watch this space to find out who the artists behind the chosen project are, and for updates about how the residency progresses!

Thank you once again…

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relaxed frogPlaying with character’s physicality can really affect the actor’s mood and general physicality.

Here’s some fascinating information on how everyone can use that, and why:

James Clear’s ‘How to Be Confident and Reduce Stress in 2 Minutes Per Day’.

Worth bearing in mind for auditions, interviews, etc. as well as everyday life!

Season’s Greetings!

Here’s wishing you fantastic festive fun!

Have a lovely short story here

Season's Greetings from Discover Fine Acting

Season’s Greetings from Discover Fine Acting

The D21 Club – great!

Fantastic opportunities for anyone interested in performance and able to reach Edinburgh!

Discover 21 is Edinburgh’s newest – and smallest – permanent theatre space. The D21 Club relates to great events including plays, workshops, hire of space, and more…

The D21 Club. Discover 21 - The D21 Club:

Originally posted on Joyce McMillan - Online:


JOYCE MCMILLAN on BRECHT AND THE SOB FACTOR IN 21ST CENTURY THEATRE  for the Scotsman Magazine, 6.9.14. _________________________________________________________

IN THE LAST WEEK of this year’s Edinburgh International Festival, a show swept into town like brisk, sharp wind of change, first felt two generations ago, still blowing today.   The show was Handspring Puppet Theatre’s Ubu And The Truth Commission, first seen in Johannesburg in 1997, yet still supremely relevant in an age when the impunity of those who commit crimes against humanity continues to fuel rage and conflict across the world.

And what was immediately striking about this show – in the context of Edinburgh 2014 – was how little it cared to be liked, or to invite empathy for its characters.  Based on Alfred Jarry’s great absurdist classic Ubu Roi, the show has two human characters who are defined by their obscene grotesquery, the one more repellent than the…

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Originally posted on Joyce McMillan - Online:


JOYCE MCMILLAN on NEW BEGINNING FOR THE BYRE? for the  Scotsman Magazine, 13.9.14. _________________________________________________________

IT WAS A JUST A brief piece of news, flitting past on my laptop screen; it said that director Gordon Barr and his Glasgow-based Bard In the Botanics company had just been commissioned to present Jack And The Beanstalk, as the 2014 Christmas panto at the Byre Theatre in St. Andrews. As casual updates go, though, this one could hardly have been more welcome; in that it signalled the return of one of Scotland’s best-loved theatre venues, dark since its operating company slid into bankruptcy in January of last year, and now about to reopen, following the signing in mid-August of a new deal between Fife Council and the University of St. Andrews.

Under the deal, the University leases the theatre from the council for the peppercorn rent of £300 a year, and becomes wholly…

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