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Write, Shoot, Cut – get your short film shown!

“Write, Shoot, Cut is a blog for people interested in short filmmaking, independent feature films and carving out a career in the movies.”

Update – the line-up for 12th March – (Submissions may now have moved to later months, but will be ongoing)

Submissions are now being accepted for a new, monthly short film night, starting March 2012 in Edinburgh:

Write, Shoot, Cut – Submissions

Note that this is exactly the kind of free event that might be in jeopardy unless the current proposed ‘tax on creativity’ is stopped. While it currently looks as though steps are being taken to halt this particular amendment to Public Entertainment Licensing fees, the more people speaking out against it the better. See WTF!?! Paying licence fees to do a free event in a shop or cafe? for further info.

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