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Get close to The Monster in The Hall « National Theatre of Scotland

I saw David Greig’s ‘The Monster in the Hall’ in the 2011 Fringe and loved it. You can read my review here:

Now the play is coming to Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre and there is a social media call for it, details here (and the picture links to the theatre website):

Get close to The Monster in The Hall « National Theatre of Scotland

Take simple action to keep up fight against Public Entertainment Licensing Changes…

Continuing the important fight to keep free events licence-free, without all the restrictions licences would require…

“Dear all,

Thank you for supporting our campaign on Public Entertainment Licences in Scotland. You might be aware that City of Edinburgh Council already conducted a public consultation on the issue. Glasgow City Council have now followed suit, and we’d like to encourage as many supporters as possible to complete their survey and ensure that your voice and opinion is represented.

You can complete their short survey here:

We are continuing to campaign on behalf of artists, community organisations and venues across Scotland. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone in areas outside Glasgow and Edinburgh interested in forming a network to keep us updated on developments in your area, such as events that may have been forced to pay, events that might not have taken place, no matter how large or small. Please contact us via the petition website. It is important that we have a better picture of what is happening across the country as we form a national strategy for the campaign.

Best regards,

Kris Haddow”

As I write, poets, performers and artists sit in prisons…

“As I write, poets, performers and artists sit in prisons and under house arrest across the globe (as a visit to Amnesty International will inform), because they encourage society to think. Art is as necessary in a democracy, as food and water, if there is to be quality of life. Quality of life comes from knowing one has the power to change, contribute, be heard and to hear why things are as they are or how they could be within our communities.”

Wise words from Gillian, leading to why A Little April Foolery is so important, in the ‘Crunch time for Edinburgh!’ comments.

See Gillian’s comment in full – and add your responses too!

Keep up the fight against Public Entertainment Licence changes!


Confusion is hardly surprising given that councils have different Resolutions and it is these which require amendment to follow the Scottish Government wishes for councils to deal reasonably on this matter.

The legislative change at government level was made in 2010. Amendment of a Resolution (which lists events to be licensed) by removing certain events requires a 28 day consultancy period. Amendment of a Resolution that makes additions (does that cover putting in exemptions?), or re-words it completely – stating what IS to be covered (probably a superior method of approach) – requires a 9 month consultancy period.

Any Council that claims it was against the changes to the legislation at the time they were made (i.e. Glasgow) should not now require a period of review / consultation, etc. as they have had plenty of time since 2010 to go through even the long consultancy period.

That the issue has only now come to light as a problem shows the lack of attention being paid to this piece of legislation.

The Scottish Government has either not prepared councils fully or has been ignored by councils – either situation is disgraceful. The legislation as it stands places a huge onus of work and of trust on the councils and it allows regional discrimination.

The legislation itself must be reviewed.

The councils have had time to put a workable and reasonable Resolution in place that deals with this legislation and there are major councils – Edinburgh and Glasgow to my definite knowledge – that have not done so.

No council (take note, Edinburgh) should now put the onus on the public to apply for licences, free or otherwise, which are only required because certain councils have not dealt with their Resolutions in time to handle this legislation despite the legislation having been passed back in 2010. This, too, is disgraceful.

The April 1st events have huge importance throughout Scotland

Whatever the situation with each local council and its Resolution, the April 1st events will help to highlight the fact that neither Scottish Government nor major local Councils paid proper attention to this legislation: not to how it would be handled; not to how it would actually affect the people of Scotland.

This is not good enough and now is the time to act! You can do this with April 1st events and through the online survey for the City of Edinburgh Council.

[Not sure what the Public Entertainment Licence changes are all about? Read more and keep track!]


The above is slightly amended from a comment I made below a Scottish Times article, and shows why support and engagement with A Little April Foolery! events is incredibly important.

How To Participate In A Little April Foolery « A Little April Foolery

A Little April FooleryFind out how to make your artistic presence known to the councils and Scottish Government:

How To Participate In A Little April Foolery

This is the event covered in The Scotsman’s article ‘Stage is set for artistic April Fools Day protest against new red tape‘ and it is about raising awareness of grassroots arts and how the current Public Entertainment Licence changes are threatening them and local community events.

At time of posting, the number of those joining in is nearing the 1,200 mark – make sure you’re involved too!

Crunch time for Edinburgh! Public Entertainment Licence meeting, 9th March

Show your support on the 9th of March

The public can view the City of Edinburgh Council Regulatory Committee’s meeting, where the Public Entertainment Licence changes will be discussed, and so show the support that the campaign against these changes is raising.

To attend, head for the Dean of Guild Court Room, City Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh on Friday 9th March and meet there at 8.50am, for the 9am meeting start.

The general public cannot speak at this meeting, but there will be a “deputation at the meeting speaking on behalf of the campaign comprising Neil Cooper (journalist and writer for numerous publications) and Morvern Cunningham (organiser of LeithLate and active member of Edinburgh’s grassroots arts community).”

This quote is taken from the Council Regulatory Meeting – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Facebook event, where you can find further information and leave comments on points you would like the deputation to cover.

A Scotsman article on the current plans of the council, already amended somewhat from earlier ones due to the strength of the campaign against these licence changes, can be found here:

There appears to be some good news, but there are still questions (see Morvern Cunningham’s remarks in the above article), and the actual legislation itself – at Scottish Government level – is still an issue, affecting all councils and the whole of Scotland.

Further information

See ‘Keeping Track’ post for help in understanding and keeping abreast with this PEL issue.

Keeping track – what’s happening with the Public Entertainment Licence changes?

Cartoon by 'Leithal Yak' Norrie StewartWith thanks to ‘Leithal Yak’ Norrie Stewart – – for this image

Keep up with what is happening:

This petition, to be signed if you’ve yet to do so, explains the problems with PEL changes that now affect free events and has a useful update section to help you keep abreast of what is happening:

Further campaign information can be found here:


While the following group includes ‘Edinburgh’ in its title, it covers much more –

April 1st sees unlicensed events across Scotland: get involved creating, documenting or spreading the word – and enjoy the events! –


Follow @scrapartstax; also search #scrapartstax

@DFActing also helps spread information


Wherever you are based, you can sign this petition

City of Edinburgh Council is currently consulting the public about changing its Resolution, for which there is a very quick  survey – be sure to make your opinion known!

Civil disobedience with panache! ‘A Little April Foolery’ is planned for 1st April – find out all about it: and ‘How to Participate‘ in it.


A meeting of the Regulatory Committee, City of Edinburgh Council, was held on 9th March and included the PEL changes issue. Members of the public were able to attend and view (though not speak) – in fact, the gallery was full – and a deputation – able to speak – put the case for the arts forward. Further information on the meeting: Discover Fine Acting Report and Result post. An article in the Scotsman:

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP deputy leader, answered questions for a live BBC webcast on 10th March, starting with Public Entertainment Licence changes “causing a bit of a stooshie”. You can view this here:

Further Information

The posts on this site related to the PEL changes can be found in the category ‘Public Entertainment Licence Fiasco’ and include information about the initial uproar that followed Glasgow City Council’s announcement of their plans, insight from petition creator Kris Haddow and a report on the Edinburgh public meeting of 1st March.

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