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Gender Inequality on Screen

Gender inequality in film - New York Film Academy

In this infographic report, the New York Film Academy looks at women in film. Its focus is on big budget films – how much would you say is reflected in grass roots / independent films? Certainly a high number of castings that come my way have more roles for men and the female roles tend to be defined in relation to men / others (i.e. mother, prostitute, girlfriend), while male roles tend to be about who / what they are in relation to their own lives, work, goals, etc.

Gender Inequality in Film – An Infographic And for further consideration: what about women in tv fiction? Why are there so few ‘daughters of Buffy’ – strong and complex fictional creations, who aren’t simply the sole female lead in a predominantly-male cast? What’s your take?

Challenge Vaizey: An Interview with Fin Kennedy « The Oxford Culture Review

“Critics of state investment in the arts often say it’s a choice between the arts and hospital beds. In fact the opposite is true – the arts pay for those hospital beds.”

Playwright Fin Kennedy, following a meeting with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, has created a fantastic campaign for collating information about how new writing and theatre is being hit by cuts – which Vaizey and others say they will read.

The link takes you to an excellent interview – below I give just a few gems – please do read, support and pass this on!

Challenge Vaizey: An Interview with Fin Kennedy « The Oxford Culture Review

Photo of playwright Fin Kennedy
Fin Kennedy

“As Albert Einstein put it: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.””

“Creativity and the capacity to innovate are really at the core of any healthy society and economy, and indeed could arguably be said to be one of the core elements of the human condition.”

“Nurturing creativity in the young is like installing the software on which all the other information they are absorbing will run. … Will studying GCSE Drama get a child a job as an actor? Probably not. Will it give them the skills to shine in any job interview which comes their way? Almost certainly.”

“VAT receipts on West End box office sales alone outstrip state investment in theatre – nationwide.”

“The art form will stagnate if new voices can’t make it through.”

Spread the word!

Talking to Creative Scotland: Making Plans « The Scenic Route

About communication and laying aside cynicism in the interest of arts and culture, and actually taking steps …

Talking to Creative Scotland: Making Plans « The Scenic Route

ACE alert: more arts cuts on the way | Stage |

Lyn Gardner article on cuts in England that references Creative Scotland and Joyce McMillan:

ACE alert: more arts cuts on the way | Stage |

The DF Eye – 05/06/2012

  1. In this issue: Written Word, including news for Rebus fans; Screen Tips, including Rod Serling; free Music; Miscellaneous, including Leith Festival and Zombies vs. Gladiators
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  2. Written Word

  3. Spot of news for those who like ol’ Rebus (@beathhigh is Ian Rankin’s Twitter name, so you can follow him there)…
  4. brianjaffa
    Ian Rankin’s Inspector Rebus character is to make a return in the author’s next novel, he confirmed today. @beathhigh #hayfestival
    Tue, Jun 05 2012 11:18:36
  5. You can read more about ‘Standing in Another Man’s Grave’ here…
  6. A wee bit Jubilee related…
  7. Screen Tips

  8. Camera advice…
  9. evan3168
    Three Tips to Help You When You’re Shooting Handheld #filmmaking #cameraassisting
    Tue, Jun 05 2012 12:01:55
  10. A series of interview videos with Rod Serling…
  11. grahaminman
    Go Into The Story | Rod Serling: Do you outline or just take off and write? #Screenwriting
    Tue, Jun 05 2012 12:00:09
  12. Music

  13. Free mixed programmes weekly…
  14. EdinSpotlight
    FREE concert on @StGilesHighKirk every Wednesday. We highly recommend it > #Edinburgh
    Tue, Jun 05 2012 11:45:18
  15. Miscellaneous

  16. The Leith Festival kicks off fully with a gala day on 9th June…
  17. ootbdrillhall
    Special @LeithFestival Bruncheon this Sat 9th June. Whole event will be moving down to Gala Day celebrations on Leith Links! 11am – 4.30pm
    Tue, Jun 05 2012 10:11:58
  18. But there are a few events before then, so check out the packed programme of arts and crafts, full of music, dance and other performances and participatory events (including a free bellydance hafla!)…
  19. A wee bit politics, with this look at leadership (very interesting remarks from Olivier’s son!)…
  20. The continuation of this Newsnight insight involved Tom Hiddleston and Mark Rylance, and can be found in the latest DF Eye on Shakespeare (particularly like Tom’s observation of difference in action between leaders of past and now)…
  21. Hmmm….

The DF Eye – 27/05/2012

  1. Theatre

  2. Are you going to the Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland?
  3. See also Opportunities section…
  4. Film

  5. See also Training, Miscellaneous and Opportunities sections…
  6. As the Cannes Film Festival comes to an end…
  7. Spot of Scottish industry news…
  8. One of the many films created for the 2012 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project – you can find more in the 48HFP Edinburgh Facebook group
  9. The Collection (3D) – 2D Version Horror Short Film – 48 Hour Film Project in Edinburgh 2012
    Sun, May 27 2012 09:06:57
  10. Funding

  11. Looking at the very real concerns caused by recent Creative Scotland funding review…
  12. Check out Creative Skillset if you have not yet done so…
  13. Skillset funding is available for this company’s courses, among others…
  14. Miscellaneous

  15. Too late to enter this year, but you can still vote…
  16. As the Jubilee approaches, there’s insight to be found online into the private life of another long-reigning queen…
  17. Is one of your fave’s here? Have to admit, that Gone with the Wind brat leaves me irritated…
  18. This wee musical cycling adventure was filmed by students, with a little production help from DF Acting friend Xanthe O’Connor
  19. The Whisky RIver Boat Band- 7 gigs, Edinburgh to North Berwick
    Sun, May 27 2012 12:33:27
  20. Did you know there is now an official religion that holds file-sharing to be a sacred act?
  21. Opportunities

  22. If you are a mother, you can contribute to this creative project…
  23. If you are a father, feeling left out, create your own!
    You can find further DF Eye issues at

Arts and Community Events Need You! Complete very quick survey…

It’s live! You can now find the City of Edinburgh Council’s survey about changes to Public Entertainment Licensing online.

Make sure you tell them what you think about their proposals re. licences for free events!

If you are not yet in the picture re. these changes, check out the importance of this campaign and the basics of what is involved and what is going on.

Further related posts on this blog (including the Edinburgh Public Meeting and delegation to the Edinburgh Council) can be found in the ‘Public Entertainment Licence Fiasco’ category.

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