To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

“Critics of state investment in the arts often say it’s a choice between the arts and hospital beds. In fact the opposite is true – the arts pay for those hospital beds.”

Playwright Fin Kennedy, following a meeting with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, has created a fantastic campaign for collating information about how new writing and theatre is being hit by cuts – which Vaizey and others say they will read.

The link takes you to an excellent interview – below I give just a few gems – please do read, support and pass this on!

Challenge Vaizey: An Interview with Fin Kennedy « The Oxford Culture Review

Photo of playwright Fin Kennedy
Fin Kennedy

“As Albert Einstein put it: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.””

“Creativity and the capacity to innovate are really at the core of any healthy society and economy, and indeed could arguably be said to be one of the core elements of the human condition.”

“Nurturing creativity in the young is like installing the software on which all the other information they are absorbing will run. … Will studying GCSE Drama get a child a job as an actor? Probably not. Will it give them the skills to shine in any job interview which comes their way? Almost certainly.”

“VAT receipts on West End box office sales alone outstrip state investment in theatre – nationwide.”

“The art form will stagnate if new voices can’t make it through.”

Spread the word!

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