To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

Promote yourself!

One of the hardest things for many performers is actually promoting themselves and their work – too often, we can feel awkward about putting ourselves out there and ‘blowing our own trumpets’.

Promoting ourselves is part of our work, however, an essential aspect of the business. Be reasonable, of course – whatever that means to you, remembering that what is thought reasonable will vary among those you are trying to reach – but make sure you and what you do are ‘out there’ in the consciousness of others in the business and of the public at large, as much as you are able.

With that in mind, here is information from my agency about my current show, the award-winning ‘Grace Under Pressure’ by Richard Morris, presented by Black Dingo Productions as part of their major 5-day launch…

The Masques Blog

This is a challenging role for me as an actor and it is part of a very exciting project: Black Dingo Productions are looking to assist – with funding, teching, casting and advising – grass-roots theatre in Edinburgh, a brilliant bit of news for theatre companies.

So, go check this out, and remember to promote yourself and your shows too!


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