To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

  1. Theatre

  2. Are you going to the Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland?
  3. See also Opportunities section…
  4. Film

  5. See also Training, Miscellaneous and Opportunities sections…
  6. As the Cannes Film Festival comes to an end…
  7. Spot of Scottish industry news…
  8. One of the many films created for the 2012 Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project – you can find more in the 48HFP Edinburgh Facebook group
  9. The Collection (3D) – 2D Version Horror Short Film – 48 Hour Film Project in Edinburgh 2012
    Sun, May 27 2012 09:06:57
  10. Funding

  11. Looking at the very real concerns caused by recent Creative Scotland funding review…
  12. Check out Creative Skillset if you have not yet done so…
  13. Skillset funding is available for this company’s courses, among others…
  14. Miscellaneous

  15. Too late to enter this year, but you can still vote…
  16. As the Jubilee approaches, there’s insight to be found online into the private life of another long-reigning queen…
  17. Is one of your fave’s here? Have to admit, that Gone with the Wind brat leaves me irritated…
  18. This wee musical cycling adventure was filmed by students, with a little production help from DF Acting friend Xanthe O’Connor
  19. The Whisky RIver Boat Band- 7 gigs, Edinburgh to North Berwick
    Sun, May 27 2012 12:33:27
  20. Did you know there is now an official religion that holds file-sharing to be a sacred act?
  21. Opportunities

  22. If you are a mother, you can contribute to this creative project…
  23. If you are a father, feeling left out, create your own!
    You can find further DF Eye issues at

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