To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

  1. You can find further DF Eye issues at
    And here’s the current DF Eye on Shakespeare…
  2. Fringe Show with Opportunities

  3. This August Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat is to be lit up in a fusion of public art and sporting endeavour via a mass choreographed act of walking and endurance running, as part of Edinburgh International Festival and London 2012 Festival.

    You can take part in the event at the time, through booking, or you could see if any of the vacancies they are currently advertising might suit…
  4. Screen Scene

  5. Summerhall – the old Dick Vet college – is now an increasingly vibrant arts centre, with it’s on TV channel…
  6. Fancy turning your hand to a well-known film scene? Check out…
  7. DF is a Johnny Depp fan – and that said, agrees with the following article. Do you?
  8. Making films, though, is a crazy and unpredictable business, and in the end – as with so much in life, and especially performance – you have to just go for it. As film-maker Nick Whitfield puts it:

    “… the fact that it is so hard, that you’re overreaching so far and inviting the gods to shoot you down…well, that’s kind of the point. It’s such a silly thing to do that it’s a death-defying act, and one that you should set about as soon as you’ve finished reading this guide. Go on. What are you waiting for?” – from The Guardian’s ‘How to Make Films’ guide.
  9. So, here are a couple of shorts from the multi-talented David Hutchison of Eyedoll Productions…
  10. And here is a FREE magazine to help keep up with developments in the filming world…
  11. And then there’s the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project, where intrepid teams have just been creating films over the weekend from the evenings of 18th to 20th May. In anticipation of these, here’s the winner of the first Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project (2011)…
  12. The Jigsaw – Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project – Winner of Best Film
    Tue, Oct 18 2011 19:08:56
  13. You can find out about this year’s Edinburgh project, screening at the Cameo from 22nd to 24th May, here…
  14. If all this has inspired you to pay attention to up-coming indy films, then here’s one you may wish to ‘like’ over on Facebook, showing your support to a film whose cast includes DF Acting friend, Debbie Cannon…
  15. Interested in crowdfunding?

  16. This is UK based (though can be used by anyone with Paypal) and is one where the project total has to be reached for any monies to change hands at all.

    Read why they do this and of what use Bloom can be even if you’re not looking for money…
  17. Reading and Writing

  18. The Circalit site is worth a visit if you are a writer or are interested in reading. This particular story is receiving rave reviews…
  19. Theatre

  20. It’s all theatre!
  21. John Bergman, drama therapist and director
    Thu, Nov 10 2011 09:19:24
  22. Also here on Storify…
  23. Inspiration

  24. Bear with the slightly cheesy ‘this is just so sad’ music to start with and keep watching – truly, it’s worth it…
  25. Man Barely Able to Stand on his Own Does the Unthinkable – Amazing
    Wed, May 09 2012 17:48:32

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