To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

  1. Below you will find: Screen Scenes (film, tv, etc.); Performance Skills and Advice; Shakespeare; Miscellaneous (Edward Lear, the man who grew a forest, zap your brain!); DF on-line
  2. Screen Scenes – relating to Film, TV, etc.

  3. Why the world needs Val Kilmer…
  4. Performance Skills and Advice

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  6. Shakespeare

  7. World Shakespeare Festival and a new sonnet for Shakespeare…
  8. Mark Ravenhill’s Sonnet for Shakespeare

    I envy you. Your world was new, unmapped,
    The language that you wrote in barely fixed;
    You were Shagsbeer or Shaxpeer – whatever
    Form your Will-full pen chose to take each day;
    Great continents of human thought and heart
    Were not yet owned by any national tongue
    And were yours to chart, conquer, describe, sell:
    You made an empire of our language in your Globe.
    And now we rush to patent every cell
    Of being: we brand ourselves with jingles,
    Every word we speak or write is trade
    And our little lives are ended with a deal.
    You taught us language and there’s profit on’t
    But still a greater possibility – to curse.

  9. Miscellaneous

  10. 12th May was the 200th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant Edward Lear…
  11. DF On-line

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  1. Why doesn’t this web site operate in Chrome? I had to switch to firefox to see the information. Not a huge deal, but bothersome for someone that despises having to use firefox. I wouldn’t
    care, however I actually wanted to find out more.


    • I am sorry that you seem to be having problems, Jenny, but I only use this site in Chrome – with no problems – and have had no-one else mention this, so the fault is unlikely to be with this blog. All the best in exploring this!


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