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How one Shakespeare fan first came to understand and love Shakespeare’s work, and where this led…

Originally posted on Shake it, Shakey! Szekspir trzęsie światem:

When I first read a play by Shakespeare, I was 13 years old. A perfect time to read “Romeo and Juliet”, being exactly the same age as the heroine. This is just crazy how much different I was back then. I was willing to ‘fight’ not to read Shakespeare, I’d never read him before, but who cares, I knew, I just KNEW, he WAS BORING. And I was made to read him. So I sat down on my bed, opened the book, sighed, and started reading. A couple of hours later, the book was hidden under my pillow, a place reserved for the number 1 special book in my heart. That’s how my Shakespeare adventure started. I was in love with “Romeo and Juliet”, so I watched Baz Luhrmann’s film, and the musical (Polish production by Studio Buffo, Warszawa, Poland). I got the musical soundtrack for my birthday and I…

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