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Cartoon by 'Leithal Yak' Norrie StewartWith thanks to ‘Leithal Yak’ Norrie Stewart – – for this image

Keep up with what is happening:

This petition, to be signed if you’ve yet to do so, explains the problems with PEL changes that now affect free events and has a useful update section to help you keep abreast of what is happening:

Further campaign information can be found here:


While the following group includes ‘Edinburgh’ in its title, it covers much more –

April 1st sees unlicensed events across Scotland: get involved creating, documenting or spreading the word – and enjoy the events! –


Follow @scrapartstax; also search #scrapartstax

@DFActing also helps spread information


Wherever you are based, you can sign this petition

City of Edinburgh Council is currently consulting the public about changing its Resolution, for which there is a very quick  survey – be sure to make your opinion known!

Civil disobedience with panache! ‘A Little April Foolery’ is planned for 1st April – find out all about it: and ‘How to Participate‘ in it.


A meeting of the Regulatory Committee, City of Edinburgh Council, was held on 9th March and included the PEL changes issue. Members of the public were able to attend and view (though not speak) – in fact, the gallery was full – and a deputation – able to speak – put the case for the arts forward. Further information on the meeting: Discover Fine Acting Report and Result post. An article in the Scotsman:

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP deputy leader, answered questions for a live BBC webcast on 10th March, starting with Public Entertainment Licence changes “causing a bit of a stooshie”. You can view this here:

Further Information

The posts on this site related to the PEL changes can be found in the category ‘Public Entertainment Licence Fiasco’ and include information about the initial uproar that followed Glasgow City Council’s announcement of their plans, insight from petition creator Kris Haddow and a report on the Edinburgh public meeting of 1st March.


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