To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

Via this link, you can read the views of some high-profile creatives about this important issue.

Scrap Arts Tax

Stop Changes in Public Entertainment Licences Campaign – Messages of Support

1 Craig Coulthard – Artist and recipient of a Cultural Olympiad commission
2 FOUND – BAFTA-winning music and arts collective
3 Ron Butlin – Edinburgh’s Makar; novelist and poet
4 Kevin Williamson – Neu! Reekie!
5 Mark Thomson – Artistic Director, Royal Lyceum Theatre
6 Alan Warner – Novelist, University of Edinburgh writer in Residence
7 Judith Doherty – Co-artistic Director, Grid Iron theatre
8 Tam Dean Burn – Actor, Writer, Raconteur
9 Rupert Thomson – Programme director, Summerhall
10 Joe and Tuesday Foster – Co-founder Creation Records
11 Lach – Anti-folk legend

1 The proposed licences and charges to be applied to exhibitions, galleries and venues are potentially devasting to grass-roots art and culture in Edinburgh (and the rest of the country).

As someone who helped create The Embassy Gallery after leaving art college, I understand the immense…

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