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If you have not yet heard about the current consternation over new legislation related to Public Entertainment Licensing in Scotland, read about the furore caused by Glasgow City Council’s ‘Briefing Note’ and the further insight provided by Kris Haddow, creator of the petition against this legislation.

While the new legislation – somewhat aptly due to come into effect on April Fool’s Day! – came under the arts and communities microscope in Glasgow earlier this month, the law actually covers the whole of Scotland and local councils will then determine how it is to be put into effect, with what level of licence fees and which, if any, events / organisations will be exempt.

Now the spotlight hits Edinburgh, with a public meeting called:

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 30-36 Dalmeny St, Leith, EH6 9DB
Thursday 1 March 2012, 7pm

The cultural life of Edinburgh is under serious threat due to changes to Public Entertainment Licences. These proposed changes will impose new fees and place an unworkable administrative burden on free admission arts centres and grassroots cultural initiatives across the country. This will affect visual art, music, performance, community and charity-led events and many other forms of public event.

Join us for a public meeting to discuss this issue, featuring a panel discussion comprising councillors, MSPs and representatives from the local arts community.”

Event info –

Further info –

This is your chance to find out what is happening and influence the discussion – either here in Edinburgh, or by getting in touch with your local MSPs / councils (further information on how to contact MSPs can be found in this blog post).


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  2. Important amendment – Thursday 1st March meeting starts at 7pm (not 7.30pm as originally stated).


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