To suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action

Creativity arises from sparks struck through the stimulus of another: a thought, a word, an image, a well-written reasoning or a badly-conceived piece. There is friction created, either via warm agreement or jarring disagreement, through the interaction of stimulating matter with the one that becomes the creator. It is not something completely self-generated.

For this spark-striking, open perception is needed and a willingness to react to what you perceive. This is responsiveness: awareness and reaction.

Acting is responding – to the world, to the text, to the other performer(s), to the director, to the setting and to the audience. Therein lies the actor’s creativity.

Creativity, of course, is not limited to one particular period of the year, but having the focus of  this month has highlighted a few related articles and thoughts of use and appreciated.

Considerations from earlier this month include:

‘just doing it!’ and an examination of what creativity is and how it is currently being perceived (possibly unhelpful perceptions that could do with being addressed, especially by ‘creatives’)

and ways in which people are being creative (examples which are not about the month, but what people are doing for themselves and can continue to do)

Now, as International Creativity Month draws to an end, here follow some more links to explore and find helpful ideas to keep with you through the rest of the year, continuing to benefit from this…

January is International Creativity Month

59 Seconds Guide to Creativity –

29 Ways to stay creative –

From the world of writing, but useful to all:

How a seed can grow into a dog – Inspiring Indies: Laura Clark talks about inspiration and where it can lead…

Make mistakes! – stop censoring / criticising yourself until you have created, then the creation can be constructively examined (before then is likely to be blocking / destructive)


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