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January is International Creativity Month

January is International Creativity Month – you can find out more here and check out the ‘Fun Stuff’ section for a lot of laughs.

We are now half-way through the month and Discover Fine Acting has been getting creative with a few projects:

multi-media articles on HubPages on Twelfth Night and Tips for Reading and Understanding Shakespeare

the DF Acting Facebook Page profile image and other photos

exploring what can be done with DF Acting on Google+

attending continuous and consistent CPD training with the fun and fabulous Affectable Actors approach led by Tightlaced Theatre

Others have been busy too:

posting actor information, ideas and inspirations: Madame Arkadina (incl.  some fine Fiona Shaw wisdom) and Mel Churcher

raising funds – Goddess Project (and Strange Theatre’s website) and Bellahouston Amateur Boxing Club (people fighting to ‘make things happen’ – something that can really speak to actors)

putting everything in place for the SCDA One-Act Festival – Edinburgh and Lothians District, with a new Audience Award and some mini videos…

…and there are bound to be so many more inspirational and helpful items currently being created that can themselves boost creativity in others.

So, what have you found that helps and what are you creating?


Comments on: "International Creativity Month – what are you doing?" (3)

  1. Hi Danielle – I’m writing my first one-act play this month! Great story line, but no dialogue as yet!x


    • That’s fantastic, Janey! Tightlaced Theatre works with new writers too and is looking to help at developmental stages – should that be of interest to you. I know you have distance to cover for attending sessions, but a great thing about writing is how one can desseminate it online. 🙂

      Sometimes working with others can help – especially with discovering how your dialogue is functioning – but make sure you’ve got things securely rooted before you let your seedlings too much into the light; then you can see how exposure helps them grow…

      Go for it, and let me know how you’re doing!


  2. […] and ways in which people are being creative (examples which are not about the month, but what people are doing for themselves and can continue to do) […]


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