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Barbra Streisand really is someone to watch!

Recently I watched Barbra Streisand on Inside the Actors Studio – watch, folks, watch!

She is so present, alive and honest.

In a conversation earlier on Facebook, I was considering personal understanding and strength, so one of the many things that stood out to me was when Streisand was asked about her strong sense of self. She replied…

“With a strong sense of self there is also deep insecurity. Don’t get fooled by something as easy as just a strong sense of self.”

We see people we admire and often don’t fully understand that we probably share many similar doubts and fears as well as hopes and joys.

She went on to say also that “you are seen as you see yourself”. There are so many levels to this – watch the interview, folks, watch!

(Many such Inside the Actors Studio interviews have been available on YouTube, but it looks as though much has been removed. DVDs are available, though – I used LoveFilm.)


Gender Inequality on Screen

Gender inequality in film - New York Film Academy

In this infographic report, the New York Film Academy looks at women in film. Its focus is on big budget films – how much would you say is reflected in grass roots / independent films? Certainly a high number of castings that come my way have more roles for men and the female roles tend to be defined in relation to men / others (i.e. mother, prostitute, girlfriend), while male roles tend to be about who / what they are in relation to their own lives, work, goals, etc.

Gender Inequality in Film – An Infographic And for further consideration: what about women in tv fiction? Why are there so few ‘daughters of Buffy’ – strong and complex fictional creations, who aren’t simply the sole female lead in a predominantly-male cast? What’s your take?

The future in our hands now!

We need imagination, empathy and invention…

… to create our worlds well and for the future.

Which means imagination, empathy and invention must be stimulated and encouraged, especially in children. Performance is one of the greatest ways to do this, with arts in general incredibly strong here.

Changes to school curricula, cuts re. arts and libraries, and opinions that restrict the value given to certain aspects of performance / expression are truly worrying, completely opposing important understandings addressed here:

Lyn Gardner on the value of children’s theatre -

Neil Gaiman on the power of reading –

Agree, or disagree – fully or partially – what do you think?

When Should I Work For Free? Part Three

scalesBecause we really need to have a decent sense of our own value, folks!

When Should I Work For Free? Part Three

Challenge Vaizey: An Interview with Fin Kennedy « The Oxford Culture Review

“Critics of state investment in the arts often say it’s a choice between the arts and hospital beds. In fact the opposite is true – the arts pay for those hospital beds.”

Playwright Fin Kennedy, following a meeting with Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, has created a fantastic campaign for collating information about how new writing and theatre is being hit by cuts – which Vaizey and others say they will read.

The link takes you to an excellent interview – below I give just a few gems – please do read, support and pass this on!

Challenge Vaizey: An Interview with Fin Kennedy « The Oxford Culture Review

Photo of playwright Fin Kennedy
Fin Kennedy

“As Albert Einstein put it: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.””

“Creativity and the capacity to innovate are really at the core of any healthy society and economy, and indeed could arguably be said to be one of the core elements of the human condition.”

“Nurturing creativity in the young is like installing the software on which all the other information they are absorbing will run. … Will studying GCSE Drama get a child a job as an actor? Probably not. Will it give them the skills to shine in any job interview which comes their way? Almost certainly.”

“VAT receipts on West End box office sales alone outstrip state investment in theatre – nationwide.”

“The art form will stagnate if new voices can’t make it through.”

Spread the word!

The Secret About Demo Reels That Nobody Told You

Film strip - Best Ever! showreel

Some sound advice, echoing much I have come across elsewhere (online and in person)…

The Secret About Demo Reels That Nobody Told You

The Secret to Guaranteed Success

An excellent approach to your life / career – whatever that might involve – from casting director Lana Veenker of Cast Iron Studios…

The Secret to Guaranteed Success

This article is on – you can sign up for newsletters that link to such advice for free, and there are also castings mentioned (for US).

Never give up on a dream just because…

Never give up on a dream - Earl NightingaleEarl Nightingale, a motivational speaker and radio show host, was known as ‘The Dean of Personal Development’.

Are You Committed to an Acting Career?


That’s commitment!

Some sound questions here – what are your answers?

Are You Committed to an Acting Career?


Calling all Theatre-Makers! An extraordinary challenge from Culture Minister Ed Vaizey (from Fin Kennedy)

image description

This is a very important call to theatre-makers of all kinds, one which will be gaining coverage from Lyn Gardner and which someone else (Fin Kennedy) is prepared to do a lot of work for, so…

Spread the word!

Fin Kennedy: Calling all Theatre-Makers! An extraordinary challenge from Culture Minister Ed Vaizey


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