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The Importance of Play

Originally posted on Northern Editorial:


As you read this I will be in Glasgow. My husband will have taken time off work to sit at home and entertain our ageing collies and I will be having some quality time with our daughter and her friend.

It’s just a quick getaway, no more than two days, but we are off to see a concert and it takes two days to get to Glasgow comfortably for the evening… three if you count the drive back home. For once I have stepped away from work, and the computer, and I’m having fun. Heart-swelling, singing-at-the-top-of-our-voices-while-driving-300-miles, eating-rubbish-if-we-want-to, fun.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months, and after working like a mad thing since early November, I figure it’s time to lighten up for a few weeks. After all, the free in freelance should surely relate to your work timetable, or else what is the point?

It’s very easy to…

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“If you visit Summerhall over the next fortnight, you might well find yourself transported to the tumultuous world of 1930s Berlin.”

Eine Nacht Im Kabarett transports the audience from Summerhall to Berlin | Feed | Edinburgh | STV

Berlin comes to Summerhall on the first night of Hitler's reign

Tightlaced Theatre and Sporadic Music invite you to spend an evening at Anke’s, Berlin’s most seditious night spot, on the night Germany hails a new chancellor. New writing by Susanna Mulvihill with music by Fiona Thom and Bev Wright.

Performed in English

Gender inequality in film - New York Film Academy

In this infographic report, the New York Film Academy looks at women in film. Its focus is on big budget films – how much would you say is reflected in grass roots / independent films? Certainly a high number of castings that come my way have more roles for men and the female roles tend to be defined in relation to men / others (i.e. mother, prostitute, girlfriend), while male roles tend to be about who / what they are in relation to their own lives, work, goals, etc.

Gender Inequality in Film – An Infographic And for further consideration: what about women in tv fiction? Why are there so few ‘daughters of Buffy’ - strong and complex fictional creations, who aren’t simply the sole female lead in a predominantly-male cast? What’s your take?

Looking for last minute Xmas present? Check out this suggestion…

Coming soon – 1933: Eine Nacht im Kabarett | Tightlaced Theatre.

1933: Eine Nacht im Kabarett

We need imagination, empathy and invention…

… to create our worlds well and for the future.

Which means imagination, empathy and invention must be stimulated and encouraged, especially in children. Performance is one of the greatest ways to do this, with arts in general incredibly strong here.

Changes to school curricula, cuts re. arts and libraries, and opinions that restrict the value given to certain aspects of performance / expression are truly worrying, completely opposing important understandings addressed here:

Lyn Gardner on the value of children’s theatre -

Neil Gaiman on the power of reading -

Agree, or disagree – fully or partially – what do you think?

Richard II with David Tennant opens and sells out to great reviews. |

Shakespeare comes to a cinema near you!

Shakespeare comes to a cinema near you!

Sharing my joy at all the screened Shakespeare (with some fine actors and directors) coming up, here are a few links to check out:-

National Theatre Live – Macbeth – July 2013 + ‘Coriolanus’ 2014

Globe on Screen 2013 – Henry V, Twelfth Night & Taming of the Shrew

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing

RSC – Richard II

And there’s a ‘digital theatre project’ to explore as well, presented by the RSC and Google+… Midsummer Night’s Dreaming.


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