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R L Stevenson waxing lyrical on the brilliance of Shakespeare:

Robert Louis Stevenson on Shakespeare (Shakespeare Argentina)

Recently I watched Barbra Streisand on Inside the Actors Studio – watch, folks, watch!

She is so present, alive and honest.

In a conversation earlier on Facebook, I was considering personal understanding and strength, so one of the many things that stood out to me was when Streisand was asked about her strong sense of self. She replied…

“With a strong sense of self there is also deep insecurity. Don’t get fooled by something as easy as just a strong sense of self.”

We see people we admire and often don’t fully understand that we probably share many similar doubts and fears as well as hopes and joys.

She went on to say also that “you are seen as you see yourself”. There are so many levels to this – watch the interview, folks, watch!

(Many such Inside the Actors Studio interviews have been available on YouTube, but it looks as though much has been removed. DVDs are available, though – I used LoveFilm.)


Did you see The Globe’s Macbeth this year? Check out the discussion over on Player’s Shakespeare…

For those who have yet to enjoy live screenings of productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare’s Globe and the National Theatre – and as a reminder to those who have enjoyed these already – here are links to information about upcoming screenings:

Royal Shakespeare Company on screen:          Globe on Screen:          National Theatre Live:

Screenings are international, occurring around the world.


Fantastic acting tips – I especially love the one at 1.31pm, all about visceral magic and thought…

Fiona Shaw live webchat | Stage |

Reflections on trying out new things, from a teacher who was involved in a language and rhythm Google+ Hangout I led last week for ‘Macbeth Goes Social’, a fantastic project run by Big Fun Education.

Exploring outside our comfort zones (but within our safety zones) is a huge part of developing as an actor and also – as tends to be the way with all things acting – as a person.

Check it out!

Worth the Risk


This week at Discover 21

Originally posted on Discover 21:

Busy times at Discover 21 this week! We have not one, not two but three different events for you. Here they are:

All We Have

Wednesday 30th of April

All We Have Are Massive Problems and Insurmountable Debts

A reading of a new work in progress for an all-woman cast, supported by funding from the Tom McGrath Trust. 

Following a health scare, forty-something couple Susie and Vanessa have decided to act on their ache for a less hectic, digitally detoxed life and buy a big old rundown farmhouse on the seaside in beautiful Caithness. Their plan is to do it up and run it as a tranquil artists’ retreat, but it doesn’t take long for reality i.e. ruinous repairs, vicious wildlife and weirdo neighbours to bite.

Vanessa has caved spectacularly and is blogging, tweeting and Instagramming everything they do, while Susie has resorted to Buddhism. And it’s just about working until old…

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